We are the indie beauty brand that inspires and supports all beauty lovers to turn their "can't" into GLAM! Founded by a girl boss Kate (AKA @Katesglamour) in 2019, Kate wants Moshika Beauty to be the representation of her favorite Pomeranian, Moshi.


"Moshi was always happy and her sassy personality would keep you on your toes. She has inspired me to love myself and be happy with who I am. Although Moshi is no longer with us today, I wanted to continue living the way she did and inspire other beauty lovers to be happy and embrace their uniqueness. I chose to create and design Moshika Beauty products to remind you of how beautiful you are and you should never limit your self-expression. 

Be Fun, Be Unique, Be Glamorous!"- Kate


@katesglamour & Moshi 

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