Meet our Selflove 3D Mink Lashes Collection. They might look different but the only thing they have in common is…. CONFIDENCE!  Let’s get to know them.


  1. "I Am Exquisite" is our girl next door. She is sweet and loves animals.
  2. "I Am Unique" is our spice girl. She is smart and passionate for her crush.
  3. "I am Fierce" is our girl boss. She is passionate and does not take “No” for an answer.


  • Features
    • 100% Hand-crafted Luxury Mink Hair 
    • 100% Cruelty-Free 
    • No Trim Needed
    • Flexible cotton band for all-day comfortable wear
    • Reusable more than 25 times with special care
    • Blend flawlessly and effortlessly with your own lash 
  • Style: Feathery pattern with visible length and soft volume
  • Occasion: Everyday wear for school, work, or just hanging out at a coffee shop 

I Am Exquisite



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